Q: U gonna date that girl

Who knows 😁only time can tell.

asked by Anonymous
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Q: You're beautiful

Not as beautiful as you. ☺️ but everyone is beautiful in some type of way.

asked by thatrainbowblood
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Q: kinda miss you

Ouch! Kinda?

asked by yourgirl--knows
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Q: crushing on anyone?

More than crushing.😁

asked by Anonymous
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Q: I wanna fuk u so hard bby

😁No thank you.
I don’t just “fuck”.
If I sleep with you there’s a reason behind that.

asked by Anonymous
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Q: aye lil mama you're a hawtie

😂 oh my Blair.
You’re such a dork. Text me!!!😄

asked by xblair11
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Q: Why do you hate me 😩

😱 I don’t hate anyone.

asked by Anonymous
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