Q: Come to California 😉😍

😩 oh gosh I wish.

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Q: Do you love near Galveston?

Galveston isn’t too far 😄

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Q: Is calling you "baby girl" a turn on or off?

Turn on? I’m not sure because I see it as being cute.

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You are made up of so many things. Like broken promises and hurtful comebacks. The pages from books you read last night and the ones in the books you’ll read tomorrow. Of carbon, oxygen, hydrogen and iron. Those shots of vodka and packs of cigarettes. You are made up of sadness, happiness, anxiety and bliss accompanied by love and indifference. A pair of lungs, a single heart, and 206 bones to say the least. Of balance and chaos; black and white and a hell of a lot of gray. You are made up of veins and scars in which no one can tell the difference between. Of every person you’ve ever met, whether good or bad. You are made up of the sounds that scare you and the ones that bring you comfort. Of trials and errors; however many that may be. You are made up of every language there ever was, and even those that have never been spoken. And stolen kisses and regrettable one night stands, along with the names of lovers that leave a bitter taste on your tongue. Of tattered bridges, villages living in ruins, and prospering cities. You are made of text book knowledge and real world experience as well as words of wisdom from your mom and dad. Your every right and wrong. Of clichés from films with happy endings and ones with twisted plots; the unexpectedness of it all. You are made of so many things. Of both construction and destruction and everything in between. There’s nothing more beautiful. x (via quite-destructive)

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With you, your voice can calm me, your touch can relax me, your heart beat can rest me, and your lips they can touch me. With you it isn’t about sex and it never will be. With you I want something that when I stare at the moon I think of you and how I wonder if you’re looking at it too. With you I wonder what embraces your hand because I don’t want anything to feel better than my hand in yours. With you I look in your eyes and see so much more than my world, I see my universe. With you I don’t care if you wear makeup or dress in your finest clothes because I’m with you, and I wouldn’t want to be with anyone else. Emma Pintal (via offtheocean)

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